Serving veterans, their families and the community. Providing free advice and assistance.

Our welfare department provides free advice, assistance and referrals. You do not need to be a Member of the Club to seek assistance from us. We are here to help you and your family.

Dandenong RSL’s Welfare Department operates to provide extensive services and resources to not only members, but also the general community. Our aim is to ensure that individuals and families that come to our office in need of assistance are provided with a high-quality service.



The Dandenong Cranbourne RSL is proud to partner with Young Veterans. We provide assistance to the YV program that enables young veterans and family of young veterans a place of support and encouragement within their community. Regular events are held at The Shed, for more information contact Young Veterans.

For more information contact

Peter Farmer
03 9792 1535
Mon – Fri (9am – 5pm)


A program to help Veterans, their Widows and Carers.

  • To help veterans to get in touch with fellow servicemen, Beyond Disability (BDI) has a Vets communication program using internet programs like Skype.
  • To qualify you must have a service number, be the widow or carer of a serviceman.
  • The RSL will try to arrange a fellow serviceman or widow to help teach you.
  • BDI provides its own laptops and wireless broadband, you do not have to buy these things.
  • We own the equipment and fix or replace it when necessary.
  • BDI can provide voice activated laptops for those who can speak clearly but cannot use their hands.
  • You only pay $11 a month program fee if you have your own broadband.
  • If you do not have your own broadband, BDI subsidises this cost.
  • For the laptop and broadband full package total fees are $23 a month.
  • This volunteer Beyond Disability program is directed at those suffering isolation, PTSD or widows and carers who have lost contact with former friends.

If you have an RSL buddy you served with who could be your volunteer that would be a big help to you. Just try Skype. It is a brilliant online way to see your mates online and share a joke and beer with them right in front of you on the screen


For more information contact

Tricia McGill
Membership Enquiries
0419 114 313

Peggy Stocks
03 5995 0910

Richard Stubbs
0417 786 087